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Toni is now in partnership with the Center for Self Leadership bringing Intimacy from the Inside Out® training under the umbrella of the organization. This collaboration will support the mission of Self Leadership worldwide.




Advanced courses: The application of IFS to Couples Therapy with Senior IFS Trainer, Toni Herbine-Blank

These 72-hour trainings, based primarily on Internal Family Systems Therapy, will help therapists deepen their knowledge and skill facilitating relational work with couples and with individuals. During the training year, we address how to invite partners into a Self-led relationship and to work successfully with common difficulties in couples therapy from an IFS perspective.

Therapists will develop skills to:

  • Address the shame blame cycle: Working with extreme impulses, exiting strategies and the exiles that drive those behaviors.
  • Transform the uncomfortable cycles of protective parts, to loving cycles that enhance connection and bonding.
  • Facilitate an authentic repair process.
  • Invite couples to explore Self to Self-connection, creating intention and vision for a satisfying relationship.
  • Teach couples how to communicate well.

What about the therapist in the system? (YOU):

This course will include a focus on the therapeutic relationship, consistently addressing: who am “I” in the consulting room.

Open to graduates of IFS Level 1.

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